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Janie York of "Hear Now" knows the challenges of hearing loss. After suffering severe loss from untreated Meniere's Disease, she learned how to help others, especially older adults! Tune in to this episode to gain valuable insights about hearing loss, interventions, and the care of hearing aids. 


We wrap up with a conversation that includes Matt Reiners from Eversound--our sponsor, and a company that is also working hard to combat hearing loss in senior living communities.


If you work with older adults, you won't want to miss this one!


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Alan & JeaniE

Long-time married couple and retired park rangers Alan and Jeanie Mebane have always been committed to engagement with the natural world.  Jeanie is a published author of several nature-focused children's books including the incredible "At the Marsh in the Meadow." Whether through their work to educate the public on wildlife and habitats or in the way they have continued to seek new experiences and maintain a curiosity and desire to explore and seek adventure, this couple shares pearls of wisdom too precious to miss. 

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