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About Us


How it all started:

Cameo and Miekka, the hosts of Kickin’, met nearly ten years ago and easily became kindred spirits because of their shared passion of supporting older adults in pursuit of meaningful engagement and relationships.  



In the summer of 2020, Miekka and Cameo discussed that the stories about older adults in the pandemic mostly used a negative or hopeless tone and stories of hope, engagement, and the value that older adults bring to their communities were neither shared, nor celebrated. Kickin' was created to shine a spotlight on these stories of achievement, of wisdom, of resilience, of faith, and of joy.


Miekka Zanders

Miekka is a social worker and licensed nursing home administrator. In 2019 she released the well-reviewed  book entitled “Being With Dementia.” Miekka is a passionate advocate for multi-dimensional wellness throughout the lifespan.


Cameo Rogers

Cameo works as a recreational therapist and dementia care educator. She is also a sought after speaker who has presented at multiple state and national level conferences on the topics of dementia, social connections and psychosocial well-being, and innovative life enrichment programming for older adults.

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